Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Rationales "Dream of Fire" EP review

When you listen to a Rationales record you say to yourself "I bet this band is f***ing fun as hell to see live" and in thinking this, you would be right, because they are. Their new effort is no different, mixing the best parts of pop rock hooks and riffs with independent local goodness and modesty.

"Drunk all the time" is an upbeat (yet perhaps downtrodden themed) tune with some great make you want to sing along moments. Fun, fun, fun. Thats what the band is exuding throughout this new record. Head bopping, rump shaking, PBR slamming songs that you want to go catch at your favorite local rock club and have a killer night from start to finish.

"Radio" is a re-release and I loved it the first time around and again this time. It brings me back to that early teenage rock goodness. The song for me just feels very nostalgic. I don't know why because its not 20 years old or anything...but it just emotes something inside my head and heart I can't explain, mission accomplished boys.

"Let it Go" is the most reserved of the tracks. A bit scaled back in the noise factor. Probably the most solemn of the bunch. It shows the gents have a softer side and can (soft) rock a sad ballad like nobody's business.

                                                  Said it all before / with one foot out the door

The EP strikes a different tone lyrically than what their listeners are perhaps used to. Dave Mirabella pours a lot of himself into some deeper and burdensome themes in his writing. As always, the writing is on point and the hooks are at top notch. The musicality dulls the edge of the cutting thematic lyrical context a little and in true Rationales fashion, the songs still come out with that really uptempo and fun feel. So, it all sounds happy! But, I do have to say, its great to see Mirabella finding an emotional release through song an exploring some of that darker territory. He absolutely succeeds in that realm.

Sonically, the record is what I have come to expect from these guys. The musicianship is top notch, its rock n' roll / Americana but their chord progressions and riffs are NOT run of the mill stuff and their choices are always creative, different and exciting. The lead guitar playing is excellent, the rhythm section is prime, and this line up melds together is such a sublime way that you know they are meant to play together.

I am not really sure what else to say to sum it up aside from I just like these guys. Its hard to listen to their music and not simply just enjoy the hell out of yourself.

Check out the boys on bandcamp to listen to this record, you won't be disappointed.

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